Peter Leclerc - bio

Peter started playing guitar at age 13, learning mostly by watching the older neighbourhood boys who had formed bands and played the rock music that was popular at the time. After 4 years, he took formal lessons from a couple of jazz players in succession, notably Frank Quinn, and learned the rudiments of theory and how to read sheet music.

Peter played in many garage bands in the 70's in his native Montreal, but struck up a long-lasting musical relationship with his best friend, singer/songwriter/guitarist Sean Mooney. Together they had many adventures and managed to survive into adulthood.

By the 80's Peter met and hit it off with alto saxophonist Pat Murphy. Several top 40 bands and jazz combos followed. Peter cut his teeth playing in pickup bands in Montreal jazz clubs, often finding himself on-stage reading songs he had never heard before with musicians he had just met. Such experiences taught him that attitude is everything.

After moving to Vancouver Island in 1993, Peter joined Linda Walker's band in 1996 (with Galen Mongeau and Robbie Kuster), then teamed and wrote songs with Bonnie Fontaine in 1997 which led to the release of expresssoul's CD Stirring. Peter then formed Starlight Reverie with violinist Marjorie Koers in 1998 and they released their CD Fiddlin' Around.

Peter met Janet while they were both playing in Kerry Sameck's band. They began their collaboration in 2001.